OSEA's Municipal Green Energy Brief

The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association has created this blog specifically to help municipalities get honest information about their powers and responsibilities when it comes to renewable energy development. Municipalities are key partners in helping Ontario become a clean energy leader. The municipal role in renewable energy development can include participating as a developer, encouraging projects for economic development purposes, establishing renewable energy policies and targets, providing comments and input on project design via the consultation process, authorizing the use of municipal property, entering into agreements with developers and enacting by-laws affecting projects, or any combination of these roles. We hope you find this resource useful and that you will visit us at ontario-sea.org to learn more about how we are working with communities across the province to make Ontario a cleaner, greener and more prosperous place.

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The Green Energy and Green Economy Act triggered the creation of the Renewable Energy Approvals process under the Environmental Protection Act. A Renewable Energy Approval ensures projects meeting Ontario’s standards to protect human health and the environment - standards that are among the strictest in North America, including a 550-metre setback for wind turbines and a 40-decible noise limit.

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